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2017/2018 Apprenticeship

Level 3 Training

January, 2018

Roujan, France

This training is currently fully-booked. To find out about the new intake for 2018/2019, please contact Gerad Kite at gerad@geradkite.com. 

Five Element Acupuncture Apprenticeship

Residential Course 2018/2019

Roujan, France

The ‘Apprenticeship in Five-Element Acupuncture’ has been developed for people with little or no previous experience in practicing five-element acupuncture but either already ‘work’ with people in some capacity or have the experience and maturity to engage with the people (patients) that come for help. The course is based on, and structured around the master/apprentice approach to study by layering the learning in the classroom with practical experience and ongoing mentorship. For more information, visit geradkite.com 

New workshops to be announced

New workshops are added regularly. If you are looking for something which isn't listed, please get in touch.