Five Element Acupuncturists

We are a professional, self-regulating, member-led association of Five-Element acupuncturists.

The majority of acupuncture practitioners in the UK work alone, and have limited access to peer and senior supervision. AFEA provides a community and an ongoing educational structure for its members thereby safeguarding high standards of professionalism and safe practice. We help each other, we learn from each other, and we teach each other. 

Long-term supervision or continuing professional development (CPD) is required by many professional organisations but what makes us different is a mandatory requirement for all members to attend workshops and pass an annual exam in Five-Element acupuncture skills.

AFEA provides a professional, supportive environment for its members, quality control & safety for members' patients, and serves the wider community by initiating programmes of care for members of the public unable to access private acupuncture services.





How to become a member

LIFEA Course

2018 Residential Programme

April - December 2018 in Roujan, France

Completing the ‘Apprenticeship in Five-Element Acupuncture’ automatically qualifies you for AFEA membership. This programme has been developed for people with little or no previous experience in practicing five-element acupuncture but either already ‘work’ with people in some capacity or have the experience and maturity to engage with the people (patients) that come for help. The course is based on, and structured around the master/apprentice approach to study by layering the learning in the classroom with practical experience and ongoing mentorship.

To enrol, visit geradkite.com 

First Aid Qualification


Please send us the record of your existing first aid qualification. AFEA members regularly organise First Aid Course days with internationally recognised bodies. Contact us if you wish to be informed of the next first aid course organised by an AFEA member. 

AFEA Conversion course

Dates TBD for 2018/2019

This is an immersive and intensive course in Five Element Acupuncture, covering point location, traditional diagnosis and Five Element theory. Dates and locations for 2018 and 2019 will be published shortly. If you wish to be informed, please let us know

Point Location Exam


Accuracy of point location is fundamental to maintaining strict professional standards. All membership applicants will be required to pass a point location exam under supervision from an AFEA trustee. Exams can be conducted any time, by private arrangement. Contact us to schedule an exam. To renew your membership, you will be required to sit a new point location exam. 

Supervised Treatments

On-going in London and France

Membership requires a minimum of 10 treatments which are supervised by an AFEA trustee. This can be arranged privately, or by attending one of the scheduled AFEA clinical days. Calendar of schedule clinical days will be published regularly. Let us know if you wish to be informed. 


If you are already in practice, we simply need a copy of your current professional insurance. 

Renewing your MEMBERship

To renew your membership, you must fulfil the following criteria:

  • complete at least 30 hours of workshop attendance over the past 12 months
  • pass a point location exam
  • log 16 hours in a supervised clinical setting over the past 12 months

Great healers get straight to the point. They waste no time.
— Huangdi Neijing (230BC)


Become a member

Membership is free, and last for 12 months. If you would like to become a member, please get in touch. 

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Please include your current qualifications if you are wishing to become a member. If you have queries or feedback about our members, please include their full name.