About AFEA




We are the Association of Five Element Acupuncturists (AFEA). A member-led, self-regulating body of acupuncturists who practice in the Five Element tradition as taught by JR Worsley.




The majority of acupuncture practitioners in the UK work alone, and have limited access to peer supervision. AFEA provides a community and an ongoing educational structure for its members, thereby safeguarding high standards of professionalism and safe practice.


On-going supervision or 'continuing professional development’ (CPD) is required by many professional organisations but what makes us different is CPD is a mandatory requirement.  All members have to attend workshops and pass an annual exam in Five-Element acupuncture skills to maintain their AFEA membership.


All our members commit to a willingness to help each other, learn from each other, and teach each other. 




  • An active community to allow both professional and social engagement with others working in the same tradition
  • Ongoing CDP, workshops and access to Mentors designed to safeguard high standards of professionalism and safe practice  
  •  Great opportunities for members to become teachers of their profession
  • Opportunities for members to participate in our outreach or volunteer initiatives
  • Training for acupuncturists schooled in other traditions to study Five Element Acupuncture in the tradition as taught by JR Worsley
  • A platform to promote our members to the wider public
  • A voice to promote Five Element Acupuncture to the general public, institutions and government

Hear from our Trustees


Caroline Hammond

"I believe that we, Five Element Acupuncturists, deserve an association which reflects our practices and values. I'd like to be part of creating a formal coming together that provides on-going training and support to members, and also give a voice to this system of medicine that is modern and relevant to the needs of people today."


Mia Kawada

"I am a trustee of AFEA because I like being a part of a group practitioners with shared interest in practising Five Element Acupuncture in the Worsley tradition with the emphasis on being an instrument of nature rather than a "healer". AFEA is a great platform where the members can train, discuss, support, and socialise with the goal of becoming better practitioners and as a result, raise the profile of Five Element Acupuncture."


Aaron Deemer

"I love being involved in a group of passionate and dedicated Worsley Five Element practitioners. Personally, this is a great opportunity to be a part of building something that has the potential to support fellow acupuncturists, as well as offering a space to learn, grow and share."


Joo teoh

As a relatively new practitioner, having a community of peers and mentors who are willing to help is absolutely invaluable. I have been taught by the best, and want to ensure these high standards are maintained. The best way to do this is to hold myself to very strict standards, learn from my peers, and also learn from teaching each other. This is at the heart of AFEA, and I am very fortunate to be a part of this group." 


Gerad kite

"I am a trustee of AFEA because I believe in the importance of passing on what we have all learnt to future generations and to frame it in an organisation that values its place in alleviating suffering and providing a brilliant career for people. I also like the social aspect of an association and a sense of belonging to something with a shared purpose. I also want to play a significant role in maintaining very high standards of practice."


Johnny Childs